Missing that last 21%?
 Yeah... so are we.


Missing that last 21%?
 Yeah, so are we.


It's 2017, and working women across the U.S. continue to make 79¢ to every dollar made by men. Or in other words, 21% less. That’s a lot. (And it's even worse for women of color). If women worked for as long as they were paid, they’d leave the office everyday at 3:19pm or close out their work year in mid-October. But we all know that wouldn’t fly. The gap is substantial and we need to do more than talk about it. We need to fix it. Here’s how you can help.

1. Know your worth

66% of women don’t negotiate a raise because they aren’t aware they should ask for more.

Say what?! Understanding your value is crucial in deciding 1) when to ask 2) how to ask and 3) what to ask for.

2. Mentorship Matters

95% of Gen Y women have never sought a workplace mentor.

And yet, most claim that having one would boost their professional confidence. Put simply, mentors rock.

3. Beyond the Office

The average American woman won’t see pay equity until 2058.

However, projections are far worse in some states than they are in others (we’re looking at you Wyoming).

Don’t stop the conversation here.

It’s time to do more than just talk about the gender wage gap. It’s time to fix it.

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